Quantum Q3 Emulator Technology™ (ET™) Sound Set IDs.
HO and Large Scale.

Quantum Titan Sound Set IDs
for HO Scale
Quantum Titan Sound Set IDs
for Large Scale

Recent Software/Sound File Upgrades:
All Steam, HO & G; Q2 Upgrade; All Q1a
Quantum Revolution
Sound Set IDs

Quantum G/O Scale
Aristo and Magnum Sound Set IDs
Chip Upgrade Q1 to Q1a
Q1a Now Supports Cut & Paste

How To Listen to And Play Sound Files?

Welcome To QSI Solutions!

Exclusive authorized distributor for Quantum QSI, realistic locomotive sound systems. Quantum Solutions is dedicated to distribution and support of QSI aftermarket products.

QSI is a leader in premium sound & train control devices and has sold over one million sound systems world-wide.  QSI's Quantum systems are known for their realism, reliability, and ease of use.

Why has the QSI Solutions been chosen by QSI to be the exclusive distributor of QSI aftermarket products?

We are the only distributor of model railroading products that provides technical support to their dealers and their customers in addition to specializing in the distribution of DCC and related products at great prices.

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Joshua Shedaker


Essex Jct., VT (September 25, 2013) – Tony Parisi, owner of American Hobby Distributors, announced today that its QSI Solutions subdivision has been reformed as an independent standalone company under the ownership of long-time manager and product developer Joshua Shedaker. “QSI Solutions, and the sound technology that it continues to pioneer, has grown to the extent that it requires full-time dedication and expertise to properly bring its products to fruition and make them available to the industry,” Parisi said.  “Josh’s long experience with American Hobby, and the relationship he’s developed with QS Industries, the developer of QSI products, will benefit QSI Solutions’ dealer base and continue product innovation. I expect him, and QSI Solutions, to do very well. American Hobby Distributors will continue to service all its dealers, in the usual manner, for all of AHD’s other popular products,” according to Parisi.

“This is an exciting opportunity,” Shedaker said, “and one that aligns perfectly with the sound technology QSI and I have been developing and the retail and marketing experience I’ve gained through my decade-long involvement in the industry, as well as with American Hobby.” Shedaker also said he was looking forward to expanding brand awareness and product availability.

All dealer information is being transferred to QSI Solutions to minimize delays; the transfer is expected to be completed, and the accounting system up and running, by September 30. All QSI Solutions dealers will also be notified by email. Technical support services remain available via telephone from 1-5 (ET) Monday and Thursday, and 10:30-5 (ET) Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Of course, email contact is available 24/7.

QSI Solutions is an exclusive distributor, manufacturer and product development associate of QS Industries of Beaverton, Oregon. Founded in 2006, QSI Solutions first produced updated chips for the Q1a sound systems that were factory installed at that time by many model manufacturers. Today, it manufactures and distributes the Q3 Quantum Titan® line of products, the technological successor to Q1a.  For more information please visit www.qsisolutions.com.

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