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Quantum Aristo Sound Decoder for Aristocraft® Locomotives

Discontinued - see new Titan Large Scale

U.S. Reissue Patent Number RE38,660.

This Quantum product is designed to plug into the Aristocraft motherboard common on most of their G gauge locomotives. Installation in diesels only takes about ten-minutes; a Quantum Aristo is the easiest way to convert an Aristocraft locomotive to full sound and speed control.

"I really like the board, the sound itself is great and I like the ability to program it as easily as modifying all the tabs to the files. Then saving them so I can use them to exactly program another unit to be used as a "B" unit. That is head and shoulders above anyone else's capabilities. Keep up the good work." - Paul T.


Physical Size 1.27” X 2.2” X 1”
Operating Track Voltage Range 4.5 v < VTrack < 35 v
Maximum Peak Voltage 35 Volts
Steady State Current 2.7+ Amps
Motor Stall Current (3 sec) 3+ Amps
Speaker Load 8 ohm
Audio Power Output 5 watts
Maximum Operating Temperature 100 °C
Forward and Reverse light drivers 500 mA


"This decoder is great .... I have a bunch of engines using the AirWire system but couldn't use them on powered track ... you guys solved that problem!" -Dusty


*Specifications may change without notice. 4/15/07.

I really like the Quantums. Below is a link to a trio of Aristocraft Dash 9s with Quantum Aristos installed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvah0oJTaJA
I love how one can dial in the speed settings so precisely.
Thank you,


Pictures - Aristocraft Diesel GE Dash 9 "G" gauge

Exhaust stack inspection cover removed showing loco control panel

Control panel lifted showing:

(1) Large Aristocraft motherboard,
(2) Quantum Aristo Sound decoder plugged-in, middle board with 2 large capacitors and
(3) QSI GWire™ board plugged-in to (2) small board with ribbon cable.


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