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Quantum Magnum™: Universal "G" Gauge Sound & Power System

Discontinued - see new Titan Large Scale

U.S. Reissue Patent Number RE38,660.

This Quantum product is designed to install into most "G" gauge locomotives. The compact size and features make this an excellent option for aftermarket installations.

Alternate Magnum Configuration Options

Option A
Carefully bend the 12 pin header connector contacts to a horizontal position. We will supply the female 12 pin header connector to use for terminations and retain the PnP options.

Option B
Use the Magnum adaptor without the 12 pin and the 10 pin header female connectors and solder the Magnum adaptor directly to the Aristo board. This will reduce height by 3/8". The 8 screw terminals will still provide for easy solder-less connections for easy installation and removal.

Option C
We can supply the Magnum with a direct 12 pin screw terminal which replaces the standard 12 pin header terminal.

More configuration info is available.

I've been learning more and more about what the QSI card can actually do in G scale and I'm more and more impressed with it. I've got QSI in five locos now and I'll be adding more. I've been talking QSI up on the large scale forums--it's a really great product.
- Mike

"Here's a short YouTube video clip I posted that I thought you might enjoy featuring all QSI Quantum Magnums with NCE D13SRs for aux lighting using TDS Large Oval and HB157S speakers wired in parallel."
- John

The Magnum uses the Aristo decoder and a conversion plug assembly to create the generic format. Therefore it is identical in features and slightly taller than the Aristo unit.


Physical Size 1.27” X 2.2” X 1.5”
Operating Track Voltage Range 4.5 v < VTrack < 35 v
Maximum Peak Voltage 35 Volts
Steady State Current 2.7 Amps
Motor Stall Current (3 sec) 3 Amps
Speaker Load 8 ohm
Audio Power Output 5 watts
Maximum Operating Temperature 100 °C
Forward and Reverse light drivers 500 mA



*Shipping in July 2007.



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