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How To Listen to and Play Sound Files


Click here to listen to the sounds in our new Sound Samples Library!


Follow instructions below to download and play the actual sound files on your computer.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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The downloadable files available from this website are not conventional sound files. They cannot be opened with Windows Media Player, iTunes or any other similar software. This is because we wanted you, the end user, to have more control over the playback of these sounds than a conventional WAV or MP3 player would allow. As such, you need to download the Quantum Upgrade software (Q1a for OEM or factory installed units, and Q2 for Quantum Revolution, Aristo and Magnum aftermarket decoders), install the software on your computer, then download whichever file you're interested in hearing. Load the file with the Upgrade software, then select the "Preview Sounds" button on the upgrade software. From here you should be able to play the sound file through the speakers on your computer, while controlling the throttle, horn, bell etc.

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